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Post by Saareoks0 on Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:30 pm

Server Rules Untitl45

1. Do not use any cheats or hacks or bug abuse or exploits.

2. Roleplay at all times unless if admin says not to, Only admins are allowed to interrupt a Roleplay situation.

3. Do not metagame or powergame.

4. Do not role-play while in admin-jail, the place is OOC.

5. Make sure to use /me for actions your char does such as pulling or putting away a weapon.

6. Do not deathmatch (DM). - killing Another player is allowed, as long as you have a proper role-play IC reason.

7. No revenge-killing. If you ended up at hosptial IG (your going to the rest room), your memory will be deleted from the last situation.

8. Do not heal during fights.

9. Do not bunnyhop. Jumping to move faster or to avoid shooting.

10. Do not jack vehicles with a driver inside/on it without any role-play involved.

11. Do not use shortcuts such as LOL, u, OMG, lmao, ffs, and smiles In-Character.

12. This Servers Main Language is English - other languages are only allowed /pm.

13. Do not spam chats or commands.

14. Do not use fully capitalized sentences in any chats.

15. Do not ignore an admin if there talking to you. Even if you are roleplaying listen to them!

16. Drive by as driver is not allowed. If you are the driver of the vehicle then you aren't allowed to shoot.

17. OOC Insulting/Racism isn't allowed.

18. OOC-robbing/Scamming is not allowed. IC-robbing/scamming is allowed.

but no more than $10,000 in a rob, and $40,000 in a scam.

19. Provoking cops to a chase non-rply is not accepted at any time.

20. Drive like you would in real life, if you hit a wall or something with your vehicle you wouldn't just drive off all fine.

21. You MAY NOT advertise other Servers!

22. A Player is never allowed to do OOC Stuff, only a admin/helper is allowed to OOC Stuff.

23. Your allowed to ignore OOC-chats during role-play situations unless it's an admin talking to you.

24. Do not AFK/idle/alt-tab for longer than 5 minutes. If you've got to be AFK for longer contact an admin.

25. Do not PM admins In-Game with suggestions etc, use the suggestions topic in forum for it!

26. Ban evading is not allowed.

27. Do not abuse or spam /report, /report is only for reporting Rulebreakers not to chat with admins!

28. Robbing/scamming of a level 1 or 2 player is not allowed, they need to be above level 3.

29. Civilians are not allowed to take hits, only Hitmans are allowed to do an hit.

30. Do not PM admins regarding admining, or how to do there job, or what they can or can not do.

31. No logging to avoid IC Jail/RP.

32. No Faction is allowed to give out their Weapons.

33. No being AFK / Alt Tabbed in the public, ever!

34. Do not Money Farm / Transfer money to an alt or to another account.

35. Big Harassment to Players is not allowed (this includes forcing them to give there vehicles/properties/all players money).

36. You are not allowed to Rape anyone if the victim (He/she who you want to rape) haven't confirmed it OOCly first.

"IMPORTANT - what ever admins say in-game, even though you think they are wrong, has to be followed. However you can always feel free to report an admin, if you believe they are abusing their powers. You can do it via a Complaint in the forum Complaints Section.

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