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Post by Fashy on Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:28 am

In this topic i'm gonna show you a lot of things in the server. Wait updates also.
If i forgot some importants places, name them here. Please no spams because they will be deleted and the authors - punished.

Main Objects/Buildings:

El Quebrados

Fashy's Tutorial Samp001ntd

El Quebrados 24/7 : /buy
Info: You know what you can find in 24/7, basically stuffs for everything.

Fashy's Tutorial Samp002qzf

El Quebrados Gas Station : /fill
Info: Everyone know what you can do here.

Fashy's Tutorial Samp003vbg

El Quebrados Sheriff Department : /payimpound; /payticket
Info: The El Q Sheriff Department. You can contact with anyone from police or to pay your tickets/impounds.

Fashy's Tutorial Samp004bho

Fashy's Tutorial Samp005ffq

El Quebrados Prison : /prison (Only Law Force can use it)
Info: Here you can get jailed for weeks.

Fashy's Tutorial Samp006pz

El Quebrados Hospital
Info: When you got killed(No CK) you may respawn here. Also here you can find medic person.

Las Barrancas

Fashy's Tutorial Samp007fe

Las Barrancas Spawn Point : /tips
Info: The place where you spawn(Main one). You can rent bike or car and begin your RP in the server.

Fort Carson

Fashy's Tutorial Samp008oup

Fort Carson Hospital
Info: When you got killed(No CK) you may respawn here. Also here you can find medic person.

Fashy's Tutorial Samp009nag

Fort Carson Sheriff Department - Soon will be added /payticket
Info: The other Sheriff Department where you can find policemen or pay your tickets(will be added soon).

Fashy's Tutorial Samp010ym

Fort Carson Bank : /withdraw; /deposit
Info: Here you can keep your money in safety.

Fashy's Tutorial Samp011yq

Fort Carson Gas Station : /fill
Info: Simple, refilling your vehicle.

Fashy's Tutorial Samp012rj

Department of Motor Vehicles - D.M.V : /dmv
Info: From this place you can get driving license if you pass the test.

Fashy's Tutorial Samp000ik

Info: The Town Hall in Fort Carson.

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