27.08.2011 Update

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27.08.2011 Update

Post by Saareoks0 on Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:45 pm

*Changed - National Guard to United States Air Force, moved the vehicles/duty point/spawn
*Added - Carrier Door and Gate to USAF Faction with Command /gate - Openable only for the faction members.

*Added - /SendToLB, /SendToLV, /SendToFC, /SendToEQ, /SendToOS, SendToFBI, /SendToSD, /SendToUSAF, /SendToGas, /SendToDAir, /SendToLP
*Added - /gotoUSAF, /gotoLV, /gotoOS
*Fixed /goto[NAME] vehicle positions and changed some of the Player positions
*FBI inside doors will be added, openable with only /keycard, closing /keycard1 - RPly swipe it through the panel to access the rooms.
*FBI spawn interior fixing


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