Basic Truth, whats going to happen to LiD-RP

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Basic Truth, whats going to happen to LiD-RP

Post by Lacambra on Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:49 pm

Aight so, basicly, Major and Steven gave up on Desert action, due of how dusty and nasty it is for gangsters, and no action at all. So basicly, they decide to take the action at surrounding cities like Palomino Creek, and the nearest cities arround PC. So basicly, all those factions like USAF and FBI will be deleted, FM radio Hitman Organization, and 2 left out gang factions will be removed. In the new server, and forums you will see new factions, new admin team(possiblity). Second thing is, the current admins, will stay in the new LiD-RP community as admins, and probbably will gain rank up or down. Third of, LiD-RP name will be changing to the new name, because old one won't fit the theme in the green lands and stuff. Thats all for the updates. When this will be done? Probbably at the end of September

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